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Please use this form to report mailbox damage caused by City snow plowing to the Public Works Department. The City will repair or replace mailboxes damaged by City snow plowing operations in compliance with federal guidelines. Please visit our mailbox damage webpage for more information. Property owners may also report damaged mailboxes by calling the City Services Center at 755-3110.

What is the address where the damaged mailbox is located? If there is more than one mailbox, please describe which mailbox is damaged. (Example: "1515 North Washington Street" or "1515 North Washington Street, mailbox on the south side of driveway")
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Do you plan on replacing or fixing the mailbox yourself?


Do you require a temporary mailbox to be dropped off for use until the mailbox can be fixed or replaced

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What happens next?

Once we receive this report, a member of the City staff will inspect the damaged mailbox and drop off a temporary mailbox (if requested in form above). Damages that can be fixed during the winter season will be scheduled as soon as possible. Damage that cannot be taken care of in the winter months due to frozen ground (e.g. broken post) will be scheduled for repair in the spring. Replacement mailboxes provided by the City are a standard wooden post and metal box type.*


*If you choose to replace the mailbox with one that you purchase yourself, the City will issue up to a $50.00 reimbursement. An original receipt must be dropped off at or mailed to:

City Services Center, Attn: Mailbox Reimbursement

P.O. Box 5005

Janesville, WI 53547.


You may also drop off the original receipt in person at the City Services Center located at 2200 U.S. Highway 51 N. Please retain a copy of the receipt for your records.

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